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What is Hall of Heroes?

Hall of Heroes is a fictional multiverse illustrated through books by Jay and others. Like Marvel's Earth-616, Marvel's Earth-1610, Marvel's Earth-19999 or DC's universe in the way that a larger story is told using many other stories or series. The main arc is the story of superheroes and supervillains due to some of the population gaining superpowers. Along with these superhumans, there is SHADOW, or the Security and High Agency of Defence Operating Worldwide, a counter-terrorism and intelligence agency with a dark, twisted, and thrilling past. Finally, there is a space-age, science-fiction element. Set in space, Brown Dwarf tells the story of a superhero team; in space. The series will continue to patch together the history of the enhanceds and will help lead up to a dramatic conclusion. Afterwards, the franchise will go on for hopefully ever.
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